Cians Academy offers valuable insight into the practical application of financial modeling in real-world scenarios.

Cians Academy

CIANS ACADEMY IS AN EDUCATION INITIATIVE CIANS ACADEMY IS AN EDUCATION INITIATIVE by Cians Analytics, a provider of exceptional, cost-effective research and analytical services. We offer high-quality, affordable training on financial modeling to students, as well as professionals in the financial research domain. Our proven curriculum has been developed by the senior management of Cians Analytics, along with other industry experts.

Cians Academy’s training services offer valuable insight into the practical application of financial modeling in real-world scenarios. Our entire program has been strategically designed to help students realize success and become top performers in the field of their choice. During the course, participants gain valuable knowledge, beginning with the fundamentals of financial modeling and continuing to the construction of comprehensive models.


This ground-up course is designed to help students/professionals get up to speed with financial modeling. This course focuses on the interview process, 3-step financial statements, revenue building and cost projection, DCF and ratio analyses, and much more.


This course helps students/professionals become experts in financial modeling. It covers a broad range of critical tasks, including the development of a robust equity valuation model of a listed company, a project finance model, and a basic leverage buyout model.