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provider of research and analytics.

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Sample

A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW of samples of all our core product offerings under the Investment Banking vertical. Recommended for Investment Bankers and Equity Research professional looking to leverage external support at the Analyst/Associate level. This pack includes actual samples of our comprehensive suite of Investment Banking/Corporate Finance offerings.

Focus on core areas of Investment Banking such as:

  • Company Research: Samples include Company Profile, Buyer & Target Lists, and Company Screening & Conference Lists
  • Industry Research: Detailed Industry Snapshots, Regulatory Framework Analyses, Industry Landscapes, Competitive Benchmarking, Valuation, and Trading Comparables
  • Corporate Finance: Capital Structure Analyses, Debt Comparables, Debt Maturity Profiles, and Credit Spread Analyses

Private Equity & Consulting Sample Pack

A COMPLETE ENCAPSULATION of work types and samples under our Private Equity umbrella. Recommended for Private Equity professionals who would like to augment their existing pool of Associates, or learn about a cost-effective, flexible solution for execution & diligence support. This pack includes samples of our wide range of Private Equity offerings across the transaction life cycle.

Focus on core areas of Private Equity such as:

  • Fund Raising: Fund raising presentations, LP Presentations, GP Landscaping and Benchmarking, and Detailed Investor Profiles
  • Initial Screening: Market Studies, Company Screenings, Target Lists, Company Profiles, Buyer Lists, and Trading & Transaction Comparables
  • Due Diligence: IM and IC Papers, Financial Benchmarking, and Debt Maturity/Debt Instrument Overviews
  • Portfolio Management/Consulting: Value Creation Planning, Expansion and Market Entry, Value Enhancement, and Newsletters

Investment Research and Financial Modeling Sample Pack

A full summary of our Investment Research and Financial Modeling capabilities. Recommended for professionals looking for support with both sell- and buy-side research and modeling. This pack includes samples of the various types of financial models and other investment research offerings that our teams specialize in.

Focus on core Investment Research and Financial Modeling areas:

  • Sell-side Research and Modeling: Initiating Coverage Reports, Industry Primers, Equity Research Modeling, Credit Modeling, Merger Modeling, etc.
  • Buy-side Research and Modeling: Venture Capital Modeling (Seed Finance, Portfolio Management, LP/GP Return Analysis)
  • Business Modeling: Dashboards, Project Finance, and Feasibility Analysis
  • Valuation Analysis: Football Field, DCF, NAV, SOTP, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Warrant Valuation