Increase deal flow and spend more face time with key stakeholders without sacrificing quality.
Increase deal flow and spend more face time with key stakeholders without sacrificing quality.

What We Do

WORKING WITH CIANS ANALYTICS enables your organization to drive efficiencies and scale more cost effectively. Your internal teams are afforded leverage and capacity to perform strategic tasks and pursue more revenue-generative opportunities. You are able to maximize output while ensuring that important details are still attended to by well-trained and accountable professionals.


private equity We assist with company screening lists and industry deep-dives for capital deployment and fundraising, as well as build and maintain operating models for portfolio companies, so investment and operating teams can be more efficient and effective.
  • Market / Sector Company Identification, with CEO / CFO Contact Information
  • Conference Books and Attendee Identification
  • Company Profiles
  • CIM Summaries
  • Industry Overviews, Deep Dives, and Primers
  • Monthly Sector Roundups
  • Pre-meeting Materials and Briefing Packs
  • Capital Structure Analyses
  • Market & Macro Trends Reports
  • LP Presentations
Deal Support
  • Library Services
  • Financial Models (DCF, IRR, Revenue Build-up)
  • Trading and Transaction Comparables
  • Market Studies
  • Identification and Surveys
  • Sensitivity Analyses
  • Investment Committee Memo Support
Portfolio Monitoring
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Portfolio Health Dashboards
  • Buyer Lists / Add-on Acquisition Lists
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analyses
  • Product or Market Expansion Analyses
  • Value Creation Planning Support
  • Exit Option Analyses
investment banking Our teams have innovated the banking model, providing both senior and junior bankers the bandwidth to focus on what they do best — uncovering opportunities, spending time with clients and closing deals.
  • Company Profiles
  • Industry Overviews
  • Shortlists of Acquisition Targets
  • Pitchbook Support
  • M&A Case Studies
  • Briefing Packs
  • Strip Profiles
  • Pitchbook & Meeting Materials
  • Company Benchmarking
  • Valuation (DCF, Relative, Football Field, NAV, DDM, SOTP, Monte Carlo Simulation-based, Warrant)
  • Sensitivity & Scenario Analyses
  • Accretion-Dilution Analyses
  • Marketing Newsletters
  • PiCIM Support
  • Deal Marketing Materials
  • Trading Comparables
  • Transaction Comparables
  • Buy-side Profiles
  • News Summaries
sell-side research We provide clients with “virtual analyst” support. Our team enables publishing analysts to prioritize higher value interactions with corporate and buy-side clients and/or expand their coverage universes.
  • Initiating Coverage Reports (ICRs)
  • Earnings Call Summaries
  • Industry Primers and Sector Deep Dives
  • Building and Maintaining Financial Models
  • Detailed Revenue Model Drivers, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements
  • Quarterly / Annual Historical Projections
  • Valuations (DCF, Relative, Football Field, NAV, DDM, SOTP, Monte Carlo Simulation-based, Warrant)
  • Merger Modeling and Accretion/Dilution Analyses
  • WACC and Beta Analyses
  • Scenario and Sensitivity Analyses
  • Variance Analyses (Pre & Post Earnings)
  • Events Updates
  • Capital Structure Analyses
  • Credit Modeling
  • Debt Indenture Summaries
  • Covenant Analyses
  • Liquidity Waterfall Analyses
  • Debt Schedules
  • Fixed Asset Schedules
  • Risk Profiling
  • Credit Risk Analyses
  • Credit Rating Analyses
asset management We support portfolio managers and analysts with a variety of services — from due diligence support and idea generation to investment research and portfolio analytics.
Equity Long & Long / Short
  • Analyze & Screen Securities & Provide Watch Alerts
  • Sector/Thematic Research
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analysis (DCF, LBO, Sensitivity Analysis)
  • Comparable Companies Analysis
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Performance Analysis
  • News Tracking & Monitoring
  • Niche Industry/Thematic Sector Research
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Analysis
  • Events, Industry, and Market Data Collection
  • Sector/Thematic Research
  • Macroeconomic Research and Analysis
  • Exchange Rate & Global Economies Tracking
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Commodity Reports
  • Risk Profiling
  • Risk Management
  • Sector/Thematic Research
  • Debt Structure & Leverage Analyses
  • Covenant Monitoring
  • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Derivatives Analysis & Trading Support Strategies
  • Bankruptcy Analysis
  • Covenant & Indenture Analyses
  • Analyst Recommendation Summaries
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Credit Rating
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Risk Profiling
  • See Data Analytics
data analytics The Data Analytics Group supports financial firms, corporations, and private businesses with a roster of skilled data professionals. Our talent pool scales in accordance with client requirements. We provide anything from individual consultants to full teams capable of working at any or all stages of the data pipeline.

The team includes a diverse mix of data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, software engineers, and business analysts. They are able to work on-site via VDI, in cloud environments, or hybrid cloud architectures. Together, our engineers and analysts offer expertise in multiple languages, including Python, Java, C/C++, Scala, PL/SQL and R, as well as proficiency developing on multiple frameworks and platforms, such as Spark, Hadoop, Node, NO-SQL DBs, graph-based DBs, and more. We break the data pipeline into give stages and allow flexible placement on demand.

  • Manage Vendors
  • Script Process to Pull Data from Vendors
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Scrape the Web and Open APIs
  • Test and Develop Code
  • Verify Accuracy
  • Insure Consistency
  • Develop and Check Documentation
  • Check Coverage
  • Automate Pre-Processing of Production Data Sets
  • Join or Split Data Sets
  • Clean, and Reformat
  • Normalize Data
  • Coordinate with Data Scientists to Guide ETL
Data Analysis
  • Create Filters
  • Tag Data
  • Aggregate Data
  • Reformat Data for Warehousing
  • Check Data Quality
Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data-driven Research
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • ML/AI/NLP models
corporates & portfolio companies We provide corporations and private businesses with analysis that supports everything from running day-to-day operations to large-scale strategic planning.
Strategic Initiatives
  • Market Competitive Intelligence (Landscape Assessments)
  • Market Analyses and Research
  • Customer Market Research and Insights
  • Business Development Support
  • C-Suite Support & Board Packs
  • Information Memorandums
  • Financial Modeling, Controlling & Dashboards
  • Market Sizing Exercises
  • Project Feasibility Reports
  • Project Finance Reports & Analyses
  • Business Models with Innovation Strategies
  • Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategies
  • Distribution Channel Strategies
  • Sales Strategies and Pricing
  • Sourcing and Manufacturing Strategies
  • Service Delivery Models
  • Ecosystem Development
  • Financial and Investment Models
  • Inorganic Growth Model Components
  • Government Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Optimization and Strategy Analyses
  • Performance Tracking and Loss Monitoring
  • Partnering Strategies and Objectives
  • Partner Identification with the Right Mix of Characteristics
  • Value Enhancement Strategies
  • Integration Planning, Modeling, and Execution
  • De-Merger Planning and Execution
consulting firms We support a mix of management, strategic, and performance improvement consulting firms with research and modeling work, enabling them to maximize client outreach and offer the best guidance and strategic advice.
Corporate performance improvement
  • Restructuring Modeling and Case Studies
  • Merger modeling
  • Predicting and Managing Shareholder Activism
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuations
  • Marketing Support
  • Sales Strategy Analyses
  • Supply Chain Analyses and Optimization
  • Pricing and Strategy Analyses
  • Third Party Relationships/Suppliers Management
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory and Macroeconomic Updates
  • Logistics and Distribution Strategies
C-suite support
  • Financial Reporting and Internal Controls
  • Management Questions / Interviews / Interactions
  • CRM Support
  • Strategic Planning and Support
  • Daily Operations Support
  • Competitive Intelligence / Benchmarking
  • Newsletters / Content Pieces / Marketing Support
  • Management Trackers and Dashboards
  • Investor Decks
  • Thought Pieces
  • Presentations / Formatting Support
  • Panel Discussion Documents
  • Centralized Databases
Turnaround / restructuring
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Performance Analyses and Benchmarking
  • Credit Modeling
  • Quarterly / Annual Historical Projections
  • Free Cash Flow Analyses
  • Credit / Leverage Ratios
  • Debt Indenture Summaries and Covenant Analyses
  • Liquidity and Waterfall Analyses
  • Spread Analyses
  • LBOs
  • Capital Structure Analyses
  • WACC & Beta Analyses
  • Debt Profiles
  • Market Overviews / Leverage Finance Updates