"Utilizing Cians has allowed me to control fixed costs lower without sacrificing growth"

- COO, bulge-bracket investment bank

The Full Time Equivalent

Our value proposition lies in the flexibility and speed of our engagement model, allowing clients to have total control while ultimately controlling costs.

Full Time Equivalent

Our clients buy what is called an FTE (“Full Time Equivalent”). Each FTE provides 150 hours of research support per month, roughly 1,800 hours annually, calibrated around a normal work cycle – 8  hours per day / 5 days per week.

Team Size

To understand our clients’ requirements exactly so that we can suggest the right sized team, we start by running a trial period, the “Pilot,” giving clients access to enough capacity to test the waters.


A client using 450 hours a month would require 3 FTEs (3 * 150 hours).

Long Term Conversion

Approximately 97% of our pilots have converted into long term engagements where we have helped with “low hanging fruit” tasks.