Acuity Knowledge Partners Acquires Cians Analytics
Acuity Knowledge Partners Acquires Cians Analytics
We provide high quality, reliable support at a cost-effective price


Cians Analytics provides high quality, cost-effective research and analytical support for investment banks, private equity firms & their portfolio companies, asset managers, and corporates around the globe. Utilizing Cians allows clients to shift labor-intensive tasks to a flexible pool of talent, so that their in-house teams can prioritize strategic initiatives and pursue more revenue-generative opportunities.


By sourcing the brightest talent in the industry from a host of investment banks and equity research firms, we have best-of-breed methodologies & processes and offer a near turn-key solution to our clients with unsurpassed quality. Our team comes from some of the finest world class institutions, including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citi, UBS, BofA Merrill Lynch, and Lazard.
By staffing onshore teams with seasoned engagement managers, and offshore teams that have previously worked within financial services, we ensure a high level of quality and cultivate a deep understanding of our clients’ mindsets, methodologies, and overall work products.
Clients can enhance capacity as needed when time and resources are sparse. Our model allows for quick mobilization and scalable engagement to address time-sensitive deliverables and suit every firms’ size, culture and requirements.
The cost of one onshore resource is equivalent to five resources with Cians. Our teams enable you to fully leverage your onshore talent to focus on higher value-add analysis and revenue-generative opportunities.
We do not think of ourselves as merely a provider of services, but rather an extension of our clients’ teams. Cians seamlessly fuses into your firm’s workflows.
All of our work is bespoke and the intellectual property is owned by our clients. Each engagement is customized and structured to match the client’s needs; no two engagements are alike.


Working with Cians Analytics enables your organization to drive efficiencies and scale more cost effectively. Your internal teams are afforded leverage and capacity to perform strategic tasks and pursue more fee opportunities. You are able to maximize output while ensuring that important details are still attended to by well-trained and accountable professionals.


We assist with company screening lists and industry deep-dives for capital deployment and fundraising, as well as build and maintain operating models for portfolio companies, so investment and operating teams can be more efficient and effective.

investment banking [br]& corporate finance

Our teams have innovated the banking model, providing both senior and junior bankers the bandwidth to focus on what they do best — uncovering opportunities, spending time with clients and closing deals.

Sell-side Research

We provide clients with “virtual analyst” support. Our team enables publishing analysts to prioritize higher value interactions with corporate and buy-side clients and/or expand their coverage universes.

consulting firms

We support a mix of management, strategic, and performance improvement consulting firms with research and modeling work, enabling them to maximize client outreach and offer the best advice.

corporates [br]& portfolio companies

We provide corporations and private businesses with analysis that supports everything from running day-to-day operations to large-scale strategic planning.

Asset Managers

We support portfolio managers and analysts with a variety of services — from due diligence support and idea generation to investment research and portfolio analytics.


We focus on the ingestion, validation, transformation and analysis of data. We relieve bottlenecks affiliated with data consumption by providing extra bandwidth to tackle ingestion, vendor management, ETL, data mapping and analytics.