We provide onshore and offshore financial and data analytics teams to support our clients.

In today’s ever-changing business and market landscape, companies, funds, and quantitative firms need a way to do more with less – that is where our teams come in. Cians provides financial and data teams to allow firms to adapt, save costs, and focus on what’s most important: growing the business.

Who We Are

CIANS ANALYTICS PROVIDES high-quality, cost-effective research and analytical support to investment banks, private equity funds, corporates, and portfolio companies around the globe. Utilizing Cians allows clients to shift labor-intensive tasks to a flexible talent pool, so that their in-house teams can focus on strategic initiatives and increase their capacity to take on more projects.

Our team has pooled together a very strong set of individuals in their respective fields, and recruited primarily from top universities and professional services institutions globally. This high-quality workforce, coupled with an industry-leading employee retention rate, ensures the delivery of quality research, analysis, and insights for our clients. Our professionals have functional and high-caliber expertise in investment banking, investment research, equity research, and general business research and analytics.

Our value proposition lies in the flexibility of our engagement model, allowing clients to have complete control, while ultimately lowering costs. We believe market intelligence, diligence, and execution don’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

What We Do

WORKING WITH CIANS ANALYTICS allows your organization to free up junior-level associates for more strategic tasks, enabling you to get the most out of your staff, while ensuring that all important details are still attended to by well-trained and accountable professionals. Your organization can now be scaled, as needed, without the need for long-term hires, but with the benefit of accessing a large pool of experts in various fields and industries.


OUR TEAM COMPRISES professionals who possess years of experience with the top firms in their respective industries. This includes veterans of the research and analytics space, creating a version 2.0 model of moving up the continuum to provide high-end research to investment banks, private equity funds, and corporates.


With our solution, clients have the ability to enhance capacity on an "as-needed" basis when time and resources are sparse. Our model also allows for quick mobilization on time-sensitive projects and scalable engagement structures to suit every firm’s size, culture, and requirements.

Lower Cost

CIANS ALLOWS CLIENTS to deal with fluctuations in business activity while keeping costs low. By relying less on consulting firms or reactive hiring, there is significant expense control. Our clients benefit through an increase in their efficiency and because their in-house teams get more bandwidth to concentrate on higher value analysis and transactions support.

No Black Box

ONE OF OUR KEYS TO SUCCESS is ease of use. Clients work with the same dedicated Cians professionals from day 1. This facilitates driving efficiency on project iterations, learning overall stylistic preferences, and suggesting analysis that might be of specific use or interest. Our delivery team and relationship managers are always accessible anytime they are needed, through video chats, email, and phone. Requests are always handled with the utmost attention and follow-up through completion is expected.


UPON KICK-OFF OF A RELATIONSHIP, we work quickly to onboard clients and get them started right away. We make the process extremely straight forward – our hand-holding and level of service definitely set us apart from the pack. All feedback is welcome, good or bad. Put the onus on us to deliver!


CIANS ANALYTICS DELIVERS customized and flexible solutions that meet specific customer needs. Explore new markets, evaluate opportunities, and onboard/integrate datasets without having to hire and train new employees.

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